About Us

Founded just a few years back in 2017, Bioluence® operates across 5 countries on two continents. With a few under 300 workers, we are made up of talented teams and individuals who significantly impact both our own business and the communities in which we operate. Our large manufacturing capacities are advantageous to our organization, but we have strived to keep our flexibility so that we can respond quickly to local market demands.

Our Purpose

We are purposeful and determined to make a change. Our purpose is to solve problems through courage & curiosity that is part of our DNA. No matter what, we always strive to do the right thing (integrity), stick to our values and being honest with everyone.

Our Value

We partner with nature to create previously unimaginable products that:

  • Enable consumer to have access to a healthier lifestyle
  • Empower industry players to have sustainable and profitable operations
  • Preserve our plant by reducing environmental footprints.
Our Value - باور ما

Our Leadership

The Board of Directors appoints the members of the leadership team (executive team). Bioluence® leadership performs the duties assigned to it by the Board of Directors under the terms of the Regulations Governing Internal Organization and Board Committees. It is in charge of leading Bioluence® global operation and carrying out the Board of Directors’ approved policies and strategies. The leadership supports and coordinates the activities of the segments, the corporate functions and the global business service organization. The Executive team is also responsible for leadership development.

Our Certificates

Why working with us:

The leading regional manufacturer of enzyme, biotech & starter cultures technologies. We successfully work in partnership with leading ingredients/strains suppliers, distribution firms, and other partners in the worldwide biotech supply arena to support a range of applications, including detergents, feed, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Our Customers

We are pleased to provide probiotics and enzymes to more than 500 customers worldwide. Nearly all top feed, food & detergent manufacturers in Iran use our products, from that run by multinational firms to those in local animal feed manufacturers.