Research and Development Services


  • Ingredients
    • With maximum enzyme activity
  • Products
    • Detergent
    • Food (dairy, meat and bread)
    • Feed additive (poultry, livestock and aquaculture)
    • Industry (Alcohol-Starch, textile, leather and paper)


  • Ingredients
    • With maximum probiotic count
  • Products
    • Human drug and supplements
    • Animal feed additive and supplements
    • Food additive and supplements

R&D department- livestock, poultry and aquaculture

  • New product development
  • Industry requirements analysis to provide the best solutions
  • Focus on customer demands and improve production processes
  • Quality assurance of marketed products and produce high-tech and compatible products
  • Provide efficient and specific solutions for industry
  • Produce solutions and prodcuts with the aim of science-based biotechnology  

Specific services of R & D department

Regulatory affairs service to register new formulations
Laboratory services (Feed analysis, Enzyme activity and etc.)
Specific formulation for customers
Farm trials
Consulting service on enzyme and probiotic application
Feed Engineering

From R & D to Produce Solution

We have a smart process to manufacture our products as a beneficial solution

  1. Evaluation of customer demands
  2. R&D
  3. Evaluation at Bioluence study farm
  4. Evaluation at Commercial farm
  5. Final product

Providing Specific Formulation for Customers

We have capacity to manufacture your specific formulation in our factory

  1. Receive customer request
  2. Formulation through R&D team
  3. Evaluation at Bioluence study farm
  4. Registration at Iran Veterinary Organization
  5. Final product