Two Parallel Lines Do Meet! Enhancing nutritive value of feed Reducing feed cost

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‌‌‌‌The use of additives such as enzymes and probiotics in horse feed is one of the factors that simultaneously improve the functions and health condition of the digestive system. Probiotic bacteria remove pathogens from the digestive system by binding to the intestinal mucus and preventing attachment of pathogens to the digestive system that enables these pathogens to compete for nutrients. In addition, the combination of lactic acid probiotics causes the destruction of pathogens in the digestive system by producing such inhibitory compounds like bacteriocins (e.g. nisin, acidophilin, acidolin, and lactalin) and hydrogen peroxide. The use of enzymes as feed additives makes digestion of those feed components possible that contain less digestible proteins which cannot degraded into peptide units. Moreover, the addition of carbohydrate-active enzymes to the formulation allows hydrolysis of different carbohydrates. Lipase participates in the hydrolysis of lipids and fats and increases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

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Total Lactic Acid Count         6.0 × 106(CFUs/g)

Bacillus subtilis                    2.0 × 107(CFUs/g)






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The addition of probiotics to the feed will not increase feed cost if GUTROZYME Horse ((probiotics + multi-enzymes = probioenzyme) is used. This is because the use of enzymes will eventually reduce the final feed cost!


  • Preventing digestive diseases ‌
  • Improving intestinal microbiota
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving feed efficiency

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