A Golden Key to Open the Hidden Treasure of Feed Nutrients

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Market Challanages

The most expensive sources in feed are energy, protein and phosphorus and a solution to reduce the cost of feed by reducing these sources is a key benefit.

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Our Solution

A multi-enzyme containing non-starch polysaccharide-degrading enzymes (NSPases) (e.g., xylanase), protease, and amylase plus phytase.

Physical form: powder or granule.

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Short Description

BONFEED+® benefits:

  • Synergistic effects of BONFEED and BONFEZYME® (2+2=5!)
  • Increasing weight and uniformity of the poultry flock.
  • Improving FCR and reducing feed cost (reducing the demand of expensive dietary ingredients such as energy, protein, and phosphorus sources).

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