"GUTROCARE aqua" is a heat-resistant probiotic for aquatic animals.

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In intensive aquaculture systems, disease outbreaks are a major problem. As aquatic animals  are in close contact with their external environment, factors such as high stocking density, water pollution and improper feeding increase the risk of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases in cultured aquatic organisms.  The use of chemical additives and veterinary drugs, including antibiotics, for disease prevention and control has come under question. There are reports on environmental problems associated with using chemical additives and on emergence of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria in recent decades. As a result, use of cost-effective and eco-friendly antimicrobial alternatives has increased in aquaculture.

By boosting the microbiome balance, use of probiotics in aquaculture improves production of extracellular enzymes and vitamins and digestion and absorption of nutrients. It also enhances the activity of digestive enzymes and reduces problems caused by pathogenic agents. Consequently, probiotics in feeds for aquaculture animals improve growth performance index by increasing digestion and absorption, reduce mortality rates by controlling pathogenic bacteria, and increase profitability of aquaculture farming. Additionally, probiotics can improve water quality and the aquatic environment by competitive exclusion of harmful microorganisms in aquaculture ponds. Moreover, the beneficial effects of probiotics help increase feed value and spawning rates in aquaculture systems.

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“GUTROCARE aqua” is a heat-resistant probiotic for aquatic animals.


Total Spore Forming Count (CFU/g) = 3.2 × 109

Packaging: ‌

This powdered product is available in 500 g, 10 kg and 20 kg packages.

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  1. Stabilization and control of microbial populations in breeding ponds
  2. Elimination of stress factors such as nitrate, nitrite and ammonia
  3. Increased production per unit volume
  4. Improvement in feed conversion ratio
  5. Enhanced water quality
  6. Increased resistance to diseases and a strengthened immune system.
  7. Resistance to high temperatures in the production of pellets and extruded feed

Reduction of costs and increases in economic profitability

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