GUTROZYME livestock

GUTROZYME livestock

Use of GUTROZYME (probiotic‌+‌multi-enzyme‌=‌probioenzyme) does not increase feed cost because the enzymes ultimately reduce the feed cost!

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Market Challanages

The growth performance of livestock and poultry can be maximized by improving the function and health of the gastrointestinal tract, especially by using high-fiber diets. Since endogenous enzymes or rumen microbes cannot effectively hydrolyze high-fiber diets, adding some additives, such as fibrolytic enzymes, probiotics and yeasts, to these diets can be a suitable solution for improving fiber digestion and/or for maintaining the functionality of the gastrointestinal microbiota. Fibrolytic enzymes have become importance because they can improve nutrient digestibility and animal performance. Probiotics (bacteria/yeasts) are also among the major feed additives that can support rumen microbial activity and improve intestinal health by maintaining microbial balance.

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Our Solution



Total Lactic Acid Count           5.0 × 108(CFUs/g)

Total Spore Forming Count     1.0 × 108(CFUs/g)


  • Beta-Glucanase
  • Xylanase
  • Alpha-Amylase
  • Protease
  • Cellulase

Probiotic supplements are usually used to develop and stabilize intestinal flora, especially before animals are under stress such as transport, handling, or changes in diet. Industrial enzymes can help degradation a wide range of feed ingredients that are usually left unused. A combination of probiotics and enzymes increases the digestion efficiency of the different feed ingredients.

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Short Description


  • Increasing immune responses during disease or after vaccination
  • Improving weight gain and reducing feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Reducing feed cost
  • Increasing the nutritional value of plant materials

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